The S Word:
Stanislavsky's Last Words...

11th – 13th November 2022
An international symposium presented by DAMU
and The Stanislavsky Research Centre.

Your visit

Transport in Prague

Public transport in Prague consists of the metro, buses and trams. Passengers are required to purchase tickets beforehand and validate them in the bus, tram or metro. An unvalidated ticket is not considered valid! The tickets are valid for a marked period of time depending on the price of the ticket, starting with their validation. During this period you can use any mode of public transport including the funicular on Petřín Hill and the ferries across river Vltava. You can travel as many stops as you wish or change from a bus to metro or tram etc.

There are following tickets available:

  • 30 minutes - 30 CZK
  • 90 minutes - 40 CZK
  • 24 hours / full day - 120 CZK
  • 72 hours / 3 days - 330 CZK

At night you can make use of night trams, which meet at a station Lazarská in the centre and cover all main tramways in Prague during the night. The metro stops around midnight.

From the airport to the city centre

Take Bus 119 from the Prague Airport to the Veleslavín Station (metro line A) or Bus Airport Express from Prague Airport to Hlavní nádraží Station (metro line C). (You will need a ticket lasting 90 minutes - 40 CZK)

From the airport to DAMU

The address is Karlova 26, 116 65 Praha 1. The nearest metro station is called Staroměstská, about 5 minutes by foot from the university.

The easiest way to get from the airport to the university is to take Bus 119 from the airport and change from bus to metro at Veleslavin station. At Veleslavin you get on the metro (Line A) and step off at Staroměstská Station (in the direction of Depo Hostivař).

How to buy a ticket?

You can purchase tickets at most newsagents or in vending machines located in every metro station and some bus and tram stops. These machines are typically bright yellow.

Alternatively, if you buy a Czech SIM card for the duration of your stay in the Czech republic, you can also purchase your ticket with a simple SMS sent from your mobile phone.

You purchase an SMS ticket by sending a text message reading DPT31, DPT42, DPT120, or DPT330 to the number 90206. The text determines the price and length of validity of the ticket (for more information on prices of tickets see article on the right). In approximately 2-5 minutes you will receive an SMS with the date and time of expiration of your purchased ticket.